I have had a few messages lately about some of my images and asking if they are heavily edited in Photoshop because of the way they are lit. Or that I must have painted in black around my subject. The truth is that these type of images have been created with some Off Camera Flash Guns fired wirelessly from my camera. These can also have coloured gels on them and this creates some of the colour that has supposedly being photoshopped.

During my development as a photographer as many do I have tried numerous pieces of equipment before getting to my current setup. One of the pieces of advice I realised was to keep things simple. Because after practising setups at home it wasn’t always as simple to setup these up on location. So now I use a relatively simple system that still offers a lot of options and can be controlled from my camera.

Using a radio controlled system has the benefit that Flashes don’t need to be in line of sight to the camera or each other as with other infra red systems. Hiding flashes behind walls or other objects creates many more lighting possibilities. These are the units I use that allow me to control the power of each light from on top of the camera.

Using colour gels adds an extra creative dimension to my images. Contrary to what people believe using gels is much easier than changing or adding colour in Photoshop afterwards. The ability to mix colour or balance the ambient light temperature is very useful.

Extra pieces of equipment I use when working with Off Camera Lights are Flash Modifiers like these. These allow me to shape and direct the light with much greater control. And the greater control you have as a photographer the more you are creative and more guaranteed your results will be.

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