The Tall Ships in Blyth seems to have been talked about for forever - and then over in a flash. 

The Ships arrived in the week leading up to the Bank Holiday. I had some plans to get down and document the event in more detail. Ultimately I ended up booking a Wedding on the Saturday, and I was working at Cara Mia on the Friday and Sunday. This did not leave a lot of time to do what I wanted. 

On the Friday night I found out that a friend of mine was playing on the main stage at the harbour with his band The Caffreys - hot off their performances on BBC programme Britain's Best Part Time Band. 

So I thought if I could get it down for their hour then at least I could come back with some memorable images of the event. 

The conditions were very hot and bright - which may make for good conditions for the events organisers - but it would not be the photographers friend trying to get images of the band under the harsh shadows created by the stage. 

On the Monday the ships were scheduled to leave around lunchtime. Myself and my parents headed up the beach path between Blyth and Seaton Sluice. Around about a third of the way up we stopped to watch the fantastic display of the Ships leaving - even if not all of the ships were leaving with all of their sails up. 

Here is my image of one of the ships that did have it's sails fully up. 

Here are my images of The Caffreys playing the main stage on the Friday night. I wanted not only to get a few portraits of individual members but also to get the band playing in context to the whole event. I have mentioned although it was a relaxed photography event for me and a good warm up for my Wedding the next day - The technical side was slightly difficult with regards to the lighting and how much light was actually hitting the artists. You can see more of The Caffreys at -

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