The Mexico - 15th October 2015 - Stephen Beecroft

Its funny how one photography job can lead to another. After doing the portraits of the bikers I was asked to capture some images of somebody else’s pride and joy.

The plan was to photograph a Maserati at sunrise with a countryside background. With the car being a classic car I wanted to set up the shoot so that there was nothing that dated the image other than the car. I therefore thought that a countryside setting would be most appropriate.

That was the plan anyways, but at 6:30 in the morning it was clear we were not going to be lucky and get the colour or cloud that I would have loved to have had around. We pressed ahead in any case and scoped out a couple of options of where to position the car to best show off the dynamic lines. This car like a lot of older vehicles has in my opinion a lot more details and design elements that need to be considered rather than more modern simplified designs.

As for the car itself, it is a late 1968 Maserati Mexico with the 4.2l V8 engine and was very well equipped for a car of its time, featuring a 5 speed gearbox, air conditioning, electric windows, servo-assisted ventilated disk brakes all-round, which resulted in a price tag higher than the contemporary Aston Martin. The 1970 price list has a starting price of £9,000 which was well over twice the average house price at the time!

The Mexico was a bespoke car and was usually made to order, featuring a shortened Quattroporte chassis with an elegant 2+2 body designed by Vignale, and named ‘Mexico’ as the original prototype was sold to the Mexican president in 1966. An elegant and swift car in its day with a top speed of circa 150mph which attracted famous owners including Ronald Reagan and the Italian actress Virna Lisi.

The Mexico is a very rare car with only 305 4.2l cars being built out of a total of 485 cars in total. It is thought that less than half have survived and there are only a handful of Mexico’s in the UK. This car being bought off ebay from a dealer in Rome where it’s undergone 4 years of careful refurbishment to bring it back to its current condition.

Generally with this Photo Shoot I relied on the natural morning light. However now and again I required some extra light. The shot above was only possible by sneaking a flashgun in to plc out the colour and texture of the interior.

One of my personal favourite elements of the Mexico is the interior. I think the firstly the colour is so complimentary to the exterior colour and secondly the interior has clearly not been forgetting when it comes to designing every element.

worked in a systematic manner to capture shots of each side from close up to wide and finished off with some shots under the bonnet. It was a pleasure to create some images of this car that Paul was pleased with.

If you have a car or any other vehicle that you would like photographed then please don’t hesitate to get in contact with me. I would love to hear from you.

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