Now that I have eventually got my first free Saturday from working since about the end of June I have decided to try and get out and do some Landscapes. 

This is a perfect time of year to try and capture some great Landscapes because from experience there is a higher chance of some nice light - It also helps that the sunrises are a more pleasant time to get up for. 

This morning I headed along to Souter Lighthouse with two fellow photographers Andrew and Richard. This was a location relatively close to me that I have never photographed before - One of my main focuses for this "Landscape Season" is to travel to locations that are new to me. I have created a list and I am going to try to stick to it. 

Sometimes when there looks like being nice light or I have not being out for a while it is very tempting to head to a known location so that there is more of a guarantee of getting a keeper image. A new location is a risk because you don't know where the best spot is to get the best image. However going back to the same location you sometimes can just come away with the same image as before - or similar images to what you have seen other photographers create. 

We were treated with quite a cloudy overcast morning on arriving and I was wondering if we would get anything - However just after the scheduled sunrise time we were treated to some nice colour that shimmered along the horizon and caught the side of the Lighthouse. 

Below is a behind the scenes image of my setup for this image - 5d Mk 3 with a Sigma 12-24. 

If anybody would like to add any locations to my list then please get in touch. 

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