This is a gallery of images from my recent trip to Rome, most definitely the most beautiful city that I have visited so far on my Photography journey. I know there are a lot of images compared to my normal posts but I was having a real struggle to condense these down. I feel some of the images are stronger than others and I will pull these together into a portfolio gallery at a later date.

In the mean time here is every one of my edited images. I think viewed in order it tells the story of my visit in detail.

There is so much to photograph from using my Wide Angle lens to get the vast architecture in; to zooming right in to pick out the detail of the unique City. I tried to cover both ends of the spectrum. I have also mixed up the Colour and Black and White shots as well as covering a mix of day and night time images.

I have also put together this VIDEO HERE which is a nice slideshow of my Photographs set to some Italian Music. 


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