In a city as beautiful as Paris it is too easy to try and get around all of the landmarks as quick as possible and photograph everything. However, I think the key is to try to slow down and really take in the beautiful surroundings before taking time to set up a few good shots.

On the first night exploring the city I walked up the Seine, and breaking my own rule, started to snap away at everything of interest. I took photos of everything from the exquisite architecture to the well dressed Parisians. Even the road signs suddenly had great photographic appeal when they were written in a different language.

It wasn’t long on my first night exploring that dusk rolled in and the lights came on, this made the whole look and feel of Paris very different. The reflection of the rain made everything light up, the streets and roads were glistening.

Throughout my trip the most important piece of equipment was my travel tripod, it fitted neatly into my bag so I could carry it everywhere. It was especially useful when taking pictures in the dark. In fact, the night time images are probably the most pleasing from the entire weekend- in my opinion.

This is my first night time shoot with a fairground ride close to Notre Dame.

Untitled photo

And here is the magnificent Notre Dame Cathedral.

Untitled photo

The most iconic feature in the Paris skyline must be the Eiffel Tower, as it towers above everything. Here is my favourite image of the Eiffel Tower. 

Untitled photo

This particular image of the Eiffel tower was taken outside of the Sacré Cœur in the Montmatre district. The Sacré Cœur is one of the most beautiful buildings I have had the privilege to visit. As with many religious buildings photography is prohibited, in the Sacré Cœur silence is also enforced. It was actually nice for an hour not think about photography compositions and just take in the beauty of the place. Here is a view from the outside.

Untitled photo

Before the trip I researched different places to visit with the aim to find different vantage points. I read about The Montparnasse Tower which is the tallest building in Paris. It offers the most spectacular panoramic views of the city from the 59th floor outdoor viewing platform. Unlike the Eiffel Tower the queues were short and it was a bargain at only 14 euros! Here is an image that I hope gives an idea of the breath taking view. I would highly recommend this as a location.

Untitled photo

I have not even begun to scratch the surface of what Paris has to offer. When I visit again I hope to do so in the summer when the trees are green and the days are longer. I have added a number of images below from other locations.


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