Night Shoot - 27th November 2016 - Stephen Beecroft

Tonight I had a Photo Shoot with Gemma. The styling for the shoot was to take advantage of the colours and reflections of the night time around the Quayside area. Adding in some coloured gels along side my usual Off-Camera-Flashes. 

This time of year is great for being able to shoot in complete darkness from an early time but you then have to contend with the cold and wet conditions. 

Taken advantage of the reflections from some lying water along the pedestrian walkaway in between the High Level and Metro bridges I used two flashes to light Gemma. To add extra drama and colour to the images I gelled the rear/hair/rim light to separate Gemma from the background. 

This image has come out exactly how I visualized it. The colours, the powerful pose and the reflection. I think the turquoise rear light just adds something subtle to the image. I am not one to often talk about gear in my shots but the technical aspects of producing this type of shot are fairly complex and it is quite pleasing when you get something like this after the challenges.  

We then moved over to a nearby bench with graffiti. Not a setting that you may consider for creating images but I am also happy how this set came out. 

After these we were joined by my regular compatriot Richard Davison who came from work to offer some assistance. Having somebody to help moving lights about is a godsend in these freezing and dark conditions. 

We headed past the Swing Bridge because I wanted to create an image with the iconic Tyne Bridge with the addition of the colours of the Sage. 

Changing to a colour gel that matches the colour that is lighting the underneath of the Tyne Bridge I think helps to blend Gemma into the location. Which is what I always try to achieve with this sort of shoot. 

Here is a shot of myself and Gemma at the end of the shoot looking very cold. Thanks to Richard Davison for capturing this. 

I am interested in working with any models to carry out further shoots over the next few months before the Wedding season kicks back off again. 

Below is a selection of images from the shoot. Thanks to Gemma for braving the cold. And thanks to Richard for his assistance. 

Gallery - Gemma Rose

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