Now we are at the time of year when it is dark so much early it could be disruptive to organising outdoor photo shoots. However I take it as a challenge and have begun to organise a few different shoots in the next few weeks.

Tonight I met up with Lizzie Huly for the first time on a cold and slightly wet evening around the Gateshead Quayside. The forecast was to remain dry - however after about 5 minutes it started to rain quite heavily. Luckily I had scouted a little before hand and we headed to some arch ways behind the Sage. Although the rain was still hitting me standing out in the road, Lizzie was able to almost keep out of the downpour.

In pretty much pitch darkness I had to light everything. So create something different I used different coloured gels on the background/hair light and then lit Lizzie with a separate flash. Combining the two colours I think has proved quite effective. 

The rain eventually started to ease and we were able to head down to just under the Tyne Bridge for a few shots. I am really happy with these - maybe some of my favourites, but I think I am going to try and come back when is not pitch dark and try to get a bit more colour in the sky form the same view point. 

A really quick shoot but I will definitely be shooting again with Lizzie in the future - thanks to Lizzie's partner Craig for keeping a hold of all the outfit changes and holding the odd light. 

Gallery - Lizzie H - Gateshead Quayside

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