As I wrote about a couple of weeks ago on my Blog I have been working on more Fashion based shoots to add to my portfolio and this website in general. So soon after my last one I was fortunate enough to arrange this shoot with Stephy Cattran. 

I like using Pinterest to create moodboards for shoots. I find it an easy way to send models or wedding clients for that matter a collection of images that fits a theme or idea. Well on this occasion the weather was forecast for rain all night. So I put together a board that contained Umbrellas, Reflections, and general rain pouring down. 

So what a surprise when I went to meet Stephy that there was a clear blue sky. Fortunately we were able to adapt and talk over a few different ideas. Whilst we chatted and then headed out to our first location we were lucky that some dramatic clouds started to appear and with the sun lowering I knew I wanted to backlight Stephy and try out a really high contrast look. 

Luckily I had arranged Richard Davison to come along to assist with holding lights etc. 

Here are a few images from the first location. 


Usually I find that when you work with somebody for the first time you generally don't start creating amazing images until a little way into the shoot - As it normally takes a little bit of time to get to know each other and for the communication to become clearer. On this shoot this wasn't really an issue. Stephy was clearly a very professional model and had posing and expressions down to a very fine art. Having Richard along to know where to stand with the lighting helped as well. Possibly my favourite image from the whole night was taken early on and is this one below. 

I just love the pose, the expression,  the back lighting, the clouds, the lens flare, and the lighting across Stephy's face. 

Heading from this location we started  looking for a wall, fence or building to change the backdrop as I didn't feel I would get a better woodland setting image than the one above. As Richard keeps telling me - "know when you have your image and move on to the next"- It is good advice that can be easy to forget in a quest to keep looking for an improvement that is impossible to find. 

We found some railings and created these. 


Then we had a conversation of what to do next. Stephy had a few options of outfits so taking Richard's advice I wanted to mix things up a bit. We decided to head off to a totally different location to have a go at incorporating Stephy's much loved car into some shots. 

Luckily we had enough extra flashes to setup to light a car and model. Including trying to get some coloured gels into the shot as well. The sky was still playing ball with us. Even if we still had not got the rain that was forecast. 

Now I mentioned colour gels then processed this image in Black and White. Well I just thought the dramatic skyline that was on show really came across well this way. This is a 3 flash setup plus utilising the sun. Not often I use 4 lights but it was needed and thankfully with Stephy's patience and Richard's abilities as light stand I am really happy with this set of images. 


The third and final outfit change of the night I thought was quite a dramatic look that in someways mirrored the colours of the Mini so I wanted Stephy to be slightly away from the car. 

My preference is always to head straight for the Off Camera Flashes as soon as I wanted to create some striking dramatic images. However I always have Richard in my ear saying - "Try natural light first" - Well I tried it last and I am actually pleased I did because these are just as striking and dramatic as the Off Camera Flash images. 


Well that was the end of a shoot. We managed a few locations and  outfit changes and yet we were probably only out and about for about 90 minutes. I put this down to the professionalism of Stephy our model for the night and the assistance of Richard Davison. So thanks to both of them for helping me add these striking images to my portfolio.

I am already thinking of the next ideas that I can work with Stephy again. 

Behind the Scenes Photograph above by Richard Davison. 

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