Way back before the Summer I was booked to do a mini Pre-Wedding Photoshoot around Newcastle and Durham with Tushar and Ishi. After delivering the images to them they commissioned me to head down to London to shoot another set of images. 

Going to shoot this sort of session in a relatively new environment for was something I was really excited to do. I headed down the day before I was due to meet the couple so that I could do some research and plan out a route and find suitable locations.

Doing this during the middle of August meant there was always going to be a lot of tourists about so finding locations that we could shoot in was always going to be a challenge - especially when obviously the couple wanted to include many of the major landmarks in their images. 

We split the shoot into two sections. The first in the afternoon around the Tower Bridge area, and then in the evening closer to Westminster. Tushar and Ishi returning to their hotel to get changed in between. 

Special mention to my cousin Pamela for meeting up with us for the second section to allow me to do some Off Camera Flash shots - which are perhaps some of my favourites. 


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