I had the pleasure of Photographing the wedding of James and Jemma. They had their ceremony at Morpeth Town Hall and then onto the exquisite venue of The Parlour at Blagdon.

But first before I even started to photograph the Bridal preparations I turned up at Blyth Beach to capture some images of the Groom and his many Groomsman walking their dogs. Not often have I started an all-day wedding in my warm wind and water proof clothing.

Once the dogs went home for a rest we took a wander to the Beach Huts to make some images of James and his team of Groomsmen. It is always nice to have a group who are having a genuine laugh with each other.

After going back to the groom’s house for some well-earned bacon sarnies and getting into my own suit I was soon off on the road to meet up with Jemma at her parents’ home.

I always enjoy where possible to spend some time with each side of the families before the ceremony because you can really get involved with the vibe of the wedding. It wasn’t long before there was some of the first tears of the day when Jemma’s relative who was unable to make the ceremony was able to FaceTime during getting ready. Jemma handing over a gift to her bridesmaid was also a touching moment.

I then arranged some detail shots whilst everybody finished off getting ready. Capturing the moment a proud father sees his daughter in her Bridal Dress for the first time is always an emotional photo.

On a wedding day I often find the actual taking of the photographs is the calm part for me, it is the running around in between locations and events that can be the stressful part. It wasn’t too long before I had to set off for the Town Hall to make sure I was parked and ready for the ceremony. There was a quick 2 minute stop to grab a couple of James in a local pub.

It didn’t seem like it was 5 minutes between running along the beach with the family dogs until Jemma was walking with her father up the stairs of the town hall.

The ceremony was an enjoyable mix of the formal and the relaxed – Chris and the carpet come to mind.

James and Jemma are announced as Husband and Wife.

After a quick drive over to The Parlour we did some family and group images in the lovely styled grounds. The guests were happy to enjoy some of the homemade Ice Cream that was on offer.

We setup some fun images of the Bridal Party with some of the many available props and backdrops that were at The Parlour.

During the very funny and enjoyable speeches the weather started to turn on us and the rain started to pour.

This made for some interesting umbrella shots. I managed to get some time with the couple before the rain and wind got too out of hand and we got some shots with some off camera flashes again using the well styled Parlour backdrops.

had been well prepped by the Groom and Groomsmen that they had arranged a few surprises during the First Dance. Not quite sure that the best men realised they had to nip away to blow up a lot of balloons after the speeches when the rest of the guests were having a drink. But their hard work certainly paid off judging by the surprise on Jemma’s face when during the dance the happy couple drowned in a sea of confetti cannons exploding around them and an avalanche of balloons appearing out of nowhere.

This was a very fun filled wedding with lots of laughs and happy memories created. Thanks for choosing me to capture your day James and Jemma!

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