Jane and David - 13th August 2016 - Stephen Beecroft

My first wedding in Yorkshire and my first experience of photographing a wedding party on the upper deck of an open top bus. That's how I would sum this wedding up. On a lovely Wednesday in August myself and Kara the newly appointed photographers assistant/creative director met up with David and his groomsman in the best Western that has views that over look the Minster. I had first met David when I was 11 years old when he joined my class in a year 7. Friends for many years we hadn't been in touch for over 10 years. But as Kara commented you wouldn't have been able to tell once I started to photograph the guys and stories of old were told.

Once we had finished with the guys Jane and her mother had arrived back from the hairdressers. With David and his groomsman vacating the bridal suite we quickly transferred across so we had more space to work. Starting to get a little pushed for time Jane took everything in her stride and we managed to get some lovely portraits done.

Heading downstairs myself and Kara joined the rest of the guests on clambering aboard the bus to take us the short journey along to York Registry Office. A new venue for me I wasn't surprised when entering how lovely the place is matching the historical and beautiful city that it is in the middle of. Here is some of the photos from the ceremony.

After the ceremony we headed into the Registry Offices private Gardens which are a lovely location to get the family formal group shots. We even managed this lovely confetti shot first as well.

From here we headed the short walk into the historical gardens to get some portraits of just the couple. The weather was just about playing ball although I am sure I felt a couple of spots of rain. I was trying not to think of the open top bus that we were heading to.

Once we arrived at the bus I got a few photos with the couple and the sky still looked like it was going to rain. However within a minute or two of pulling away the sun came out and brought some warmth with it. Now as I began with I have never photographed on a moving open top bus before so I just had to try my best. And listen to people warning me when I was standing up if I was going to be hit by a low tree branch or not.

After a lovely ride around York seeing some angles that I hadn't noticed before we were back at the Minster. Here is a photo with the happy couple the bus and the Minster.

We headed the short walk to the reception venue. Lots of the many tourists around offering their congratulations to the couple which was very nice. David and Jane had selected one of their favourite establishments in York to host their reception. One of their many personal touches of a very personal wedding. The speeches by David and his brother Robert were both humorous and emotional.

The couple were kind enough to include myself and Kara in their wedding breakfast and I can say for certain they picked a cracking venue as we both we struggling to move after such a delicious meal. We were both Wondering how we were going to walk around the gardens to capture some more portraits of them couple.

As I have mentioned David and Jane had organised a very personal wedding and this included Janes mother making the cake and doing the flower arranging. Here is the couple cutting their cake which had an interesting cake topper.

We set off to get some images around York with the newlyweds. I don't think I have been offered so much time before with a couple to do this section on a wedding day. However I think it shows that when there is more time you can create some epic images. In a busy city like York we had to take our time as well with shots to try and keep the passers by out of them as much as possible.

The weather finally effected us coming down just after this shot. Luckily we were able to simply cross the road to the couples hotel to seek shelter. Now at this point it would have been easy to call it a day with the photography. However on checking the forecast and looking at the clouds. I suspected we might get another chance. After some 15 minutes I approached the couple of going back out. Luckily Jane said yes. So off we went to the gardens. The rain did us a favour by clearing it of all other people so we could pretty much setup what we wanted.

Here are a few from the park. We were that long that we were eventually asked to leave as the attendants locked up for the night.

Next we headed along to the river to get some photos on the bridge. The plan was this would be the end and we headed back along to their hotel.

When we got there I tried my luck again as with the Minster just across the road and the sky looking stunning I really wanted an image that were trying just before it rained. Luckily after the couple already seeing a few back of the screen shots they were happy to trust my vision.

Here is the photo I took. My favourite from the day.

Thanks to David and Jane for including us in their day to the extent that they did. Thanks to Kara for accompanying me to York (don't think it was a hard sales pitch) and thanks for being my assistant for the day.

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