Hareshaw Linn - 26th February 2017 - Stephen Beecroft

Sometimes an idea is presented to you that you just have to grab with both hands. For me, this was going to involve me driving 50 mile, walking another three, then attempting to capture photographs whilst a huge amount of water was spraying everywhere. Sounded like fun!

I had been to Hareshaw Linn before during the spring and summer, where there was certainly not the volume of water that greeted us on this occasion. I had roped my good friend Andrew in to accompany me on the trip to Bellingham, and so we set off, factoring in enough time to call in at a lovely little village bakery, before we were due to meet Stephen and Tammy.

When they arrived I realised that they may not have been aware just how far the walk to he waterfall was from the car park, or just how difficult the walk was going to be. I, on the other hand, overestimated the amount of equipment that would be needed. After dividing the equipment into two bags to make it easier to carry, we set off for the waterfall. At this point the weather was still being kind to us, but there was still the distinct possibility that a heavy shower was on its way.

After a 40 minute walk we arrived at the waterfall, which appeared to be at full capacity. I had preconceived ideas of what I was going to capture once we reached the waterfall, but upon first sight I knew that some of these idea were not going to be possible. The last time I visited there was less water and it was safe to walk across the river to a ledge that would have created a really nice composition, but due to the water volume this was simply out of e question.

The second issue we encountered was from the dampness of the air and the amount of spray coming off the waterfall. I was constantly having to wipe water from the front of my lens whilst trying to keep the camera dry. To combat this problem I attached my favourite lens to the camera and moved much further away than I had originally intended to. Unfortunately this presented its own problems as suddenly communication became much harder, due to the distance and the noise of the waterfall.

Here is a photo from Andrew’s phone that illustrates how far away I was from Stephen and Tammy.

The image below is a shot that was taken from the setup above. I wanted to capture the scale and power of the waterfall at the same time as I captured the connection and intimacy of the couple. Taken from this angle I am very pleased with the result. It is not often that I put so much effort into creating just one image. Although I took many photographs during the shoot, and presented these to Stephen and Tammy, for me it is all about this one image. Using the experience from this shoot and editing process I look forward to achieving similar images in the future.

Although the weather held out until after we had finished the shoot we were all soaked through from the spray. Below is a photograph Tammy took on my iPhone of Andrew and myself at the end of the day which shows this.

We made it back to the cars just as the weather worsened, I have included an image from Andrew’s phone so you can see the conditions we were travelling back home in, though luckily we made a pit stop for some coffees, with extra sugar, to warm up on the journey!

If you have an idea that you would like me to Photograph then please get in touch. 

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