A year after my first venture to Glencoe I set off again to the West Coast of Scotland with two fellow photographers; Ben and Callum.

Overall the weather wasn't the kindest to us on our trip. We did not really get any sunrise light or sunset. The rain was pretty relentless. However, I for one had a great laugh over the four days. A lot of the images ended up being selfies in the rain, or photos of Callum and his red coat. 

I do not do a lot of landscape photography, but each time I do I definitely have the bug to try and do more. So hopefully now we have the lovely Autumn and then Winter light and conditions I can get out and do some more. 

Callum at Devils Puplit

Kilchurn Castle

More of the Red Coat (Callum)

View looking back at The Three Sisters


The Lone Stag

Some landscapes - Maybe with some photographers in

Tried some astro photography one night

My favourite landscape image

Callum cleaning his lens

Stag with his tongue out

The Black and White Stag

Callum in his check shirt

Callum on a ledge

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