Eddie Hall Seminar - Stephen Beecroft

Eddie Hall is an English professional strongman competitor, notable for having won on multiple occasions both the UK’s Strongest Man, and England’s Strongest Man titles. He has also competed at the World’s Strongest Man and is the current world record holder in the deadlift with straps.

On June 28th I attended a Seminar delivered by Eddie at FSI Gym. I had to document the day whilst Eddie spoke in the morning to around 40 attendees and then in the afternoon demonstrated techniques and answered many questions.

In this type of scenario from the photography point of view it is very important to stay in the background but still capture high quality images. The FSI gym is a large well lit facility so in some ways my job was made easy as I could stand well back and did not have to use distracting flashguns.

One of the nice things about getting this sort of job is I was able to listen to the whole of Eddies Seminar in between snapping away. Even somebody with limited understanding of the world of strongmen could not fail to be interested when Eddie talked about his diet and training programme.

In the afternoon session Eddie demonstrated some of the Strongman events. He invited some of the attendees to step up and show their own technique to be critiqued by Eddie.

I really great day photographing a really BIG personality.


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