Dunstanburgh - 29th October 2016 - Stephen Beecroft

Continuing my getting out and and shooting lots of Landscapes at the moment I made last minute arrangements with Andrew Dunn to head along to Dunstanburgh for sunrise this morning. The forecast looked OK - basically dry - which is my main concern when going out. Setting off around 6AM it seemed to be getting to light when we were got closer to Craster with no clouds anywhere near the horizon where the Sun was due to come up from.

This produced the dilemma when we got out the car - should we shoot the castle from the North towards the Sunrise - but risk there being no clouds to produce the colour, or should we quickly bypass the castle and shoot back from the South side with the sun rising behind us. Hopefully the colour would hit the clouds this way. 

We went down onto the beach and decided that clouds were moving South so fingers crossed we might be OK - also we were starting to run out of time and didn't want to get caught running to a location when the sun actually came up. 

On the beach we decided to move a lot closer to the Castle than we originally planned to do so we still had a bit of a jag back up on to the dunes to by pass the boulders. Heading down it became a race against time as the colour was starting to come up and the clouds were playing ball. It was definitely fingers crossed that we could get something special. 

Clambering to get setup we could see the colours of the sun rippling up the clouds. I made the decision to change lenses once I was setup to go even wider - this is a bit of a no-no when your setup with your camera on the beach for the possibility of sea salt and general moisture getting into the camera but I decided the photo might be worth the risk. 

Within 2 minutes I knew the location and lens choice were the correct decision when I took the shot above. I have wanted a Photograph of Dunstanburgh Castle for a long time. But their has always being an issue with the condition or location or tidal time when I have been there before. 

So pleased I made the decision to head out. I seem to be getting quite lucky at this Landscape malarkey. 

Dunstanburgh Castle Sunrise

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