I have wanted to take my landscape photography to the next level for a while. It's something that has been bubbling along in the background of my wedding and portrait work which I really think has developed. Whilst my landscape images don't even to have pushed on. Doing a lot of research and getting feedback I realised that although it's not all about the gear and tools I was maybe missing a couple of things that were maybe restricting my landscape photography.  

So I have decided to invest in a filter system and a remote triggering system. I am going to write a longer blog article about the specific systme that I decided to purchase. But for now this is the first time I got to try out using my new Poloriser and 6 stop ND filter. The conditions were a mixed bag and the location was new so I didn't have an idea planned out. Other than I wanted a water to use my poloriser to take away the shining light a little and be able to slow my shutter in day light. Getting used to working with filters is a a little different to my normal work flow. So I wanted to get used to that at a relatively easy location.  

I am reasonably happy with my first effort. One thing to look to for when looking st filters is the colour caster yiu may get off them. And he reduction in sharpness. Fortunately I think I have made the correct decision so far. 

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