I knew this couple for a while before they booked me to be their Wedding Photographer. I think this put added pressure to deliver the best images that I could. Sadly before the scheduled wedding day Chloe’s dad, Michael, became very unwell. To allow Michael to attend the ceremony it was brought forward by nearly 8 months. However shortly before that date Michael Gillis passed away. Chloe and Steven had promised that they would still honour the newly booked date so on they went on with one of the most emotional and poignant wedding days I have ever been involved with.

On the morning of the 1st November I headed to meet Chloe, her bridesmaids and her mother at the family home. Straight away I realised that there was going to be lots of opportunities for Michael to be featured in the Wedding Photographs. From special framed images that would be placed at the reception; to the ornamental letter M that naturally framed some of the bridal preparation photos. The conservatory that Chloe got ready in was a lovely well lit room and it was a starting point for the luck we would have all day with the weather.

Fortunately, Steven’s parents lived within walking distance so I was able to pop over to see the Groom and his Best Man get ready. For the photographs, we quickly setup scenes in the bedroom, bathroom and we even took some impromptu yoga shots outside on the grass.

It was soon time to head back across the estate to capture the images of Chloe in her bridal dress, and customised dimonte converse trainers. After some more photos they were soon on there way in a lovely VW Camper. I raced ahead so I could get some last minute shots of Steven and some of the guests in the a church. At the church I also met up with Richard of ‘Richard Davison Photography’ who was assisting with photography at the Church and with the bridal portraits afterwards.

St Cuthbert's is a beautiful church and its layout means there is space in the choir stalls to get shots from behind the Priest, looking at the couple, with guests in the background. I always think is a very nice angle.

Chloe arrived with her Mam walking her down the aisle in a very emotional procession. Fr Steve conducted a beautifully moving ceremony where there was certainly a tear or two.

Earlier on in the week the weather could only be described as horrendous. However, when the newly married couple came out of the Church they were greeted with some lovely sunshine that allowed us to move on with the group photographs with ease and in comfort.

Once again, there was a few funny moments including the groom’s friends managing to drop him. When all of the guests headed off to the reception venue, I led the couple back inside the church to create some portraits. I like to let the couple have some quieter time by themselves to reflect on the ceremony. It wasn’t too difficult to photograph some stunning imagery with such a fantastically decorated and well lit church.

We had always talked about going to Blyth Beach to do some photographs when the ceremony was planned for July. I wasn’t sure if November would be ideal but the temperature seemingly ok and the light and wind still under control, we headed down to the Bandstand. We took a few more close family photographs at the lovely coastal location.

The conditions in the sky started to change to become more dramatic as the light started to fade. Aided with a few extra flashlights and a few able bodied assistants I set up these striking shots. It was impossible not to, with such a large veil as this one.

We got a few more images in the VW Camper before heading off to warmth of the reception.

When arriving at The Village I always go straight into the reception room to get some photos of the details of the room, and boy were there some details. Considering the shortened time planning, the table decorations were spectacular. I really had to work hard to make sure I could get as many shots as possible not to miss something. Again, Michael made an appearance in several places.

The speeches are always a part of the day, I personally look forward to them because it is the time I find out a lot about the couple. Angela had one of the hardest tasks of the day in reading Michael’s speech. It was filled with every emotion with people mixed up in tears and laughing.

Steven had a hard act to follow his new Mother In Law but managed to deliver his own emotional speech. Keir, the best man, was up last and he didn’t disappoint with some funny anecdotes including bringing up Steven’s previous hair style and car which I think were both better left forgotten.

After a wonderful reception the next photographs were at the night time with the cutting of the cake and the first dance. The dance was ended by all of their friends entering the dance floor, I grabbed a few more photos and then I left to let them continue the rest of their night. What a fantastic day which really showed what happens when family and friends rally around together in difficult circumstances. Chloe and Steven – it was an absolute honour that you chose me to photograph your special day. Thank you.

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