Bike Portraits - 4th September 2015 - Stephen Beecroft

This shoot has been in the planning stages for quite a while and we finally managed to meet up this week to create some images for Graeme and Dave with their Motorbikes.

My vision was to create some high contrast dramatically lit images. The first thing to do was to set up prior to the guys turning up to make sure all of the flashguns were working and I had an idea of what power settings we would need to work at. My good friend Andrew agreed to come along and move lights around which really speeds up time.

Here is one of the test shots of Andrew.

Not wanting to miss out I got Andrew to get this possible Profile image of myself.

Graeme arrived first so we started off with the first setup that I had planned. On a rare occasion what I envisaged came together fairly quickly.

Next we created some images that were from a more dramatic angle. You can’t always get away with using a wide angle lens for photographing people but to help create the dramatic look in this case I think we have getting away with it.

When we arrived we talked about how nice a sunset would help with these shots but it was very overcast until suddenly the clouds broke and we got a bit of luck. We quickly changed the direction we were shooting in to create this image.

Dave turned up when the sunset did and his Red Bike really looks good against the colour in the sky.

We then moved onto putting both Bikes together.

Although I think the image above works well I asked the guys to switch the bikes around as I felt the Black in front of the Red might work a little better.

I also added an extra Flashgun in between the two bikes to try and get a bit more contrast. I think this has worked nicely and I am very pleased with the finished image.

If you would like to create some of these type of images with your own bike (Or Car) then please get in touch using the Contact link in the left-hand menu or alternatively you can reach me through my Facebook Page HERE.

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