As I have recently blogged about I am still pushing ahead with organising various model photoshoots that have different models, styles and locations. The latest was with Hollie, and took place around North Blyth Harbour and then Cambois Beach. 

Hollie approached me after seeing the work her sister and I created a few weeks earlier. As models they have very different looks but their work ethic is equal in determination to create excellent imagery. 

As has been the case recently the weather has not quite being playing according to plan. The skies were a little clearer than I had hoped at the beginning of the shoot. I was looking for some more dramatic and darker skies around the harbour to complement the contrast in the wooden jetties. 

Hollie easily adapted to this and we created some very bright summery themed images. 

The next look we shot was Hollie in a floaty dress on the beach. The sun started to set with a lovely orange glow that really worked well to back light Hollie. Additional lighting was then added thanks to Richard Davison. The sun does such a great job of lighting Hollie's Hair and coming through the dress. 

Just before the light went completely down we moved over to where there was still some water from the tide that was quite far out. Again this was the perfect outfit and Hollie had the perfect poses to accompany the look to create these lovely reflections. As above Richard assisted with some additional lighting with the sun providing a star burst effect and back lighting. 

I have become quite a fan of this recently and whilst I am developing my own style this is technique I keep coming back to. 

    For the last few images when the sun pretty much disappeared from the beach we went back up on the road that runs parallel with the River Blyth. Although I did not get the contrast in the sky I planned; I am very happy with the colour that the setting sun provided as a back light once again.

    Thanks to Hollie for braving the cold and wind down on the beach and thanks again to Richard Davison for his assistance and for capturing some Behind the Scenes images for this Blog. 

    I am looking to shoot at other locations over the next few weeks so if any other models are interested in working with me on collaborations then please get in touch. 

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