This is my Part 2 of my visit to America - (technically the third post as I wrote about our flight to the Grand Canyon separately). Over Easter myself and Kara went to New York City and then flew to Las Vegas. Like I said in Part 1, Vegas was a complete surprise until 2 days before we went. This meant I did limited research on what top photograph - My research for NYC had lasted several months and many Google searches. 

Well Las Vegas - WOW - What a City. Actually having no time for research made the sites the night we arrived even more amazing. 

This leg of the trip was much more about trying to relax and chilling out so I didn't do any where near the level of photography I did in NYC. Also the heat was incredible in Las Vegas compared with the freezing climate of NYC. I did try to carry my camera around most of the time just on the off chance. 

Having said the weather was hot we did suffer the first down pour of rain that Las Vegas as seen in over a year or so. Made some interesting images that you wouldn't normally expect to see. 

When the rain came to Vegas!

I think the best time to capture Las Vegas has to be when the sun goes down and the lights come on (Well stay on as they never actually get turned off). 

Trying to capture photographs at night becomes technically difficult because you can't easily setup up tripods which you would normally need for the long exposures required. Also some of the lights are so bright and flashing that the longer shutter speeds ruin their effect. 

Not to be deterred I got a few night time shots that I am happy with by balancing the my camera on walls, bridges and the street. 


We were fortunate enough to stay at Ceasers Palace which is possibly in one of the best locations on the Vegas Strip. When you come outside you immediately have views of the Bellagio Fountains. I probably spent too much time and took many photos of these to try and capture the best angle and the best point in the fantastic displays. The displays change each time so you can't predict where is going to be the best position to shoot from.   

I think this is my favourite though. 

The Bellagio Fountain

Not sure where our next holiday will be to but it is going to take somewhere special to beat this trip to America. Thanks so much to Kara for organising everything and making my 30th Birthday so special and memorable. Not quite sure what I am going to do when it is her big 30! 


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