I have done a shoot with Aleksandra before and after seeing the results from that I was keen to organise another as soon as we both could get something arranged. it was Aleksandra's idea to do a shoot in Jesmond Dene with a floaty dress. That was basically the brief so we met up, with my assistant Callum in tow.  

 The air air was chilled and there seemed to be an increasing risk of rain, which whilst given us some really nice light also meant that we didn't want to hang around with the locations so we kept things moving quickly. Another good reason to have an assistant on the shoot that's you have worked with before because it really speeds things up. The majority of shots that we captured were with regular daylight but I was also keen to utilise a nearby turnel and use some external flash light to create something a little bit more dramatic. 

I would highly reccomend Aleksandra as a model for your projects. Very reliable and hard working even in cold conditions.


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